Titanfall matchmaking issues Wtf happened to Titanfall ? Did the update ruin matchmaking ?

Titanfall matchmaking issues

I play it every night, usually at am on the east coast and always find full games quick in attrition.

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There is a fix to help; but I dont think the maker is interested. Matchmaking always works fine for me. We left after 3 more deaths, I wish I did not buy digitally so I could sell the damn thing.

Am I doing something wrong?

In any normal game I just look into the server list chose one with a map I like and a low ping. RenegadeMooseMay 9, WayminhTruong titanfallgame do you have an eta on when there might be a patch regarding the device error hung crash? May 9, 7.

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I tried switching the server, and I had the same problem on every one I tried. Oh, Yeah it's Cod legacy.

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Your name or email address: Apr 8, Messages: At this point I've spent so much time waiting around in lobbies and making posts it's pissed me off enough to not stop until I figure this out. It honestly makes zero sense to me. TheNewShadow1 titanfallgame why i have no internet.

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I really like this game. Are you trying to play Campaign?

This is not a problem of my internet, i can play LoL ranked for the whole night without 1 single lag, CoD runs smooth, BF4 runs smooth and every other game i play online runs smooth. I had this game launch day and from day one it's been matchmaking issues up until this week. It may not display this or other websites correctly. If you can, try inviting some players, in a regular mp match. I understand that the change to matchmaking has, on most accounts, actually worsened the situation, but simply stating "matchmakin sux" doesn't help solve anything.

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Mar 11, Speed dating itunes You are no longer matched against people based on connection, therefore, you might be put on a server on the opposite side of the world, hence the massive lag that is in the game now.

May 9, 3. TFAssault prestofriend titanfallgame respawn we're aware of the matchmaking issues outage and we're working as fast as we can to get it up and running!

Titanfall reports

I tried to play a game to show my cousin who is visiting me, and it put me in a game against Gen 4 and 5 players and heck I'm just a level 30 or something from when I stopped playing. Needless to say that as we spawned and walked 5 paces we were killed. Why fix something that wasn't broke in the first place?

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What am I missing? I doubt there's much we can do, as it seems almost parallel to the issues with the "retrying connection to server" and then timing out.