Real life dating disasters 23 Real-Life Dating Disasters That Will Make You Cringe

Real life dating disasters

Can you pay me back for your coffee?

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I have to bring my own helmet. One woman had a nightmare of an experience when she attended the boat party of a guy she met on Tinder.

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Then the guy pointed at his crotch and told her it was the circumference of a coke can before asking her back to his place. A few weeks in, he told me I was almost perfect, except my upper arms were fat.

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Be sure to add your own in the comments below! He went inside her home and took jewellery, cash and electronics. He waited at a bar near where she worked and they met when she finished.

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Skip to content window. The date with Brian went well, but later the 'boyfriend' I was on a break with called me and we real life dating disasters to meet up.

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Follow me on Twitteron Instagramor email me at maria. The messages from him started out casually, with the guy simply asking how she was. That is how popular the dating app has become.

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I moved it away again. I agreed, and met him at a little restaurant downtown when I got out of work that day.

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Instead, he asked her to grab two six packs from the liquor store across the road and meet him at the park because he had decided to play Frisbee with his dog. So I told this mystery person to call the cops. Eventually, someone she knew who had a boat came to her rescue. Granted, this took place in the middle of the night on a Tuesday. We've all had dates that started pretty chill, and quickly escalated to flat-out train wrecks.

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And then he invited me to his basement to watch TV. Maybe it was nerves? First of all the guy turned up looking like a hot mess, dirty shoes, greasy hair and all.

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He seemed like the perfect guy, he was sensitive with a great body and a good job. Turned out to also be the last date.

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I made a swift U-turn out of his life forever. Another Reddit user had the misfortune of encountering a Tinder guy who was rather intense to say the least.