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No problem, throw the girl over your shoulder although you should definitely ask first. Unfortunately, in my experience, most people don't seem to feel that way, unless they themselves are confined to a wheelchair.

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You would scare off potential abled suitors, yelling: And he quite happily leaves those pink jobs for me for my days off! Dating paraplegics is just as risky and rewarding as dating able-bodied people.

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Docs should have classes in etiquette! The most realistic answer to these questions is that even if the hottest girl at the party were the girl in the wheel chair, you would check out the second-hottest girl. Please enter a valid email address.

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That is to much work for me. Since then i have lived my dream of being a mountain manrunning a self sufficient homestead and now a small peach farm.

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A relationship is a relationship and no one should feel pressured to continue one just because your partner is in a chair. HARD work and many tears over the years. Meet a mature person who will love you just the way you are.

Maybe he has paraplegic man dating felt the interest of a woman and does not know how to be. At least you will then know where you stand.

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In the long run, it doesn't matter what your physical appearance is like. An obese person wouldn't be able to either.

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You mentioned you went through something similar. Paraplegics are smart people.

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They might prefer a quad bike or 4 wheel drive.