Im dating one guy but i like another Is Having A Crush Cheating? 7 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Have Feelings For Someone Else

Im dating one guy but i like another, report abuse

Your relationship does not sound healthy right now. I wonder if he feels he wouldn't get jealous because he is so craving independence, and therefore needs me to be independent too? This is really getting me down and distracting me from schoolwork. My current boyfriend respects my boundaries and is very understanding. Through strength I gain power.

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I'm in my early 30s and thing I just need a bit of excitement. Be glad that you know the truth and that this crazy confusing time in your life is over. I agree that it's time to dump your boyfriend. Things didn't really work with our friendship, and yes that sucks, but I'm happy so I can't complain. Add Thread to del.

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And as for the other guy, I want to be with him badly, but I'm not sure if he really wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him. I guess you need to sit and think about the future you want, and the future you and your boyfriend could build together.

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Then choose the one u love. Long term relationship and crush. It will be difficult to let go of the companionship and history you have together; but it will be x more difficult to stay in a relationship that you're no longer invested in.

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I couldn't believe my relationship, as imperfect as it was, was over, and I couldn't stop thinking of him as my best friend and boyfriend.

Read more How to get over someone according to a relationship expert Single life versus a relationship: My boyfriend and I have stopped making any future plans now for the past year and our sex life is completely non-existance. Start with something such as, "I don't want us to have any secrets. All times are GMT He is in the military and currently stationed out of the country.

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Recently, I have started talking to this old guy friend of mine. It will be a bigger heartbreak for your partner to find a non existent shell of the person you were before.

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So in the meantime I found someone else my fiance. I agree with Sam.

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Another thing is that my family already know my boyfriend and thay already accepted sri lanka dating free. So me and bob started talking and I started to like him. I really think my first love was just lusty.