Hon matchmaking leaver percentage Version 3.7.0

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Hon matchmaking

What should we call you? Ending up with a matchmaking penalty, a no battle points bonus and no item chance because of such a low leave treshold is just pure nonesense.

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I have no clue how these people can honestly say that the system isn't flawed. The fact of the matter though, is that i've played about 20 matches so far, with 2 leaves.

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Together users don't place their faith in the matchmaking. Also, I'd like to think that Valve will fix this system upon release. Heh and your own fault for intentionally leaving one game to begin with. After reading through your garbage QQ post again, I feel that these two users already more apropriately answered for all of us. Oberyn View Profile View Posts.

It last a whole damn day. Dota 2 Heroes of Newerth 2. DotA and HoN can best be described as session based Player vs.

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Last edited by Neko Rossa ; 17 Nov, 4: It's entirely different from leaving in a pub-match. N matchmaking gameplay vol 3. It's not every other game where you can leave when your losing and just find a match where you are winning instead. This needs to be revived. This way they are likely to not report you. Codex is your hon matchmaking leaver percentage to Heroes of Neweth's biggest eSports event of the year!

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Matchmaking is locked if you have a high leaver percentage. Yet again, i'm on the penalty timer, and this time because i was solo queuing and ended up as the filler for a 4 man russian team.

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HoN is a team game, and it really shows when you have one bad person ruining the game for you. And there's no way of getting rid of it.