Does naruto and hinata ever hook up Naruto Uzumaki's Relationships

Does naruto and hinata ever hook up

In the end, Naruto looked up to Obito for wanting to become Hokage, protect his friends, and make peace, something he had always related to, going so far as to call him "awesome".

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With their friendship restored, the two were able to undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi together and finally end the feud of Asura and Indra. Naruto step in front of Hinata and protects her as he warns the masked man to get away from her. However, Naruto does naruto and hinata ever hook up that the scarf was really wrecked so he didn't need it. While observing the match, and seeing Hinata refuse to admit defeat after being dealt a hard blow, Naruto comments that Hinata was tough.

Because of Orochimaru 's defection, and learning of the Akatsuki 's existence, Jiraiya was forced to leave the village to spy on the organisation and was unable to take care of his godson during the first twelve years of his life.

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Sakura asks Naruto why it matters if the scarf gets wet to which Naruto replies that it is a big deal because the scarf means a lot to him. A battle ensues, and Naruto is knocked into a pond.

Naruto and Hinata are approached by Kabuto Yakushiwho explains that he wanted to see Naruto. Upon being called a monster because of her Byakugan eyes, breaking into tears, Naruto, who is sitting on a swing nearby, comes to defend Hinata.

Shikamaru and Sai leaves as Sakura and Naruto have an alone chat about Hinata.

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Hinata's face turns red and she runs away because she feels embarrassed. Later, Toneri and Hinata start the wedding ceremony inside the castle.

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At the meantime, Naruto was having ramen with Sakura and Team Oct 19, 9. The red scarf suddenly appears and Naruto is seen wearing it as he runs hand-in-hand with Hinata with their memories appears on the moon in the background.

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Scared at the thought of Naruto dying, she rushes to his side. After the fighting ended, Hinata and Himawari bid farewell to Naruto and Boruto as they both left for work and missions respectively.

Naruto then fights the Gedo-esque statue with his bijuu mode. Before departing, Minato had one final conversation with Naruto, congratulating him for finally ending the war and wished him a happy birthday, with Naruto promising to do his best to follow the teachings Kushina and Minato left him.

However, the two got to understand each other better during their attempt to retrieve Sasuke with Naruto now considering Sai a member of Team Kakashi. Hinata reiterates to Naruto their shared nindo of never going back on their word. As Hinata is brutally injured by Neji, Naruto solemnly recalls her previous statement of wishing to change herself. Hinata then leaves to give the scarf to Naruto.

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As his confidence was restored, Naruto thanked Hinata and admitted to himself how he'd never be able to thank Neji enough for everything he had done.

Hinata is quickly put down by Neji who continually calls her worthless and tells her that she will always be unable to change herself.

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Because of the job's many responsibilities that prevented Naruto from being around all the time, it led Boruto feeling neglected and becoming resentful towards the Hokage title, declaring it as only fit for those with no loved ones. But he continues, saying that he actually really liked people like her, much to Hinata's delight.

He would often get under Hiruzen's skin by the disturbances he would make by his pranks or the use Sexy Technique, the latter of which often caused Hiruzen to suffer from nosebleeds due to being a closet pervert.

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Sai and Sakura went to find and save Hanabi while Shikamaru and Naruto went to stop the wedding.