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Destiny matchmaking solo, also on gamefaqs...

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Playing as a group of 4 against 4 solo players is fun for while when you just rinse them which is most of the time. Use LFG, use a clan, anything. At this stage though, I don't pay attention to winning or losing.

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I hope the latter get nothing but Fighting Lions from their next 10 exotic engrams. What if a team has a fireteam of 3? Other than a couple of disconnects earlier in the week, it's been pretty lag-free, too. The problem is it seems every game wants to go back to square one That's what playing PVP in any game is all about! I feel like the players I go against are not in the same level as myself, some had no clue what they where doing. Well when I went in with my clan to knock it out it worked flawlessly.

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Also, destiny 1 had a lone wolf playlist, and it was always empty. Submit a new text post.

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Thats why its called quickplay, pulls on good connection type games not similar skill first, where as competitive is the opposite. It's literally nothing but 4 man fire teams team shotting.

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. What I think is worse is that they don't fill spots.

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Even games with a very small playerbase match you up quite fast. It's too early into the game's lifecycle for this. There are always destinies matchmaking solo in the system, people seem not to be able to accept this. Having a destiny matchmaking solo matchmaking solo time picking a name? I also think the JIP system is either absent or busted, and mercy rules need to be reworked as I'm tired of playing out matches where half my team or the enemy's quit out in the first round, and we still have to play to the end.

Or another option that warns you of longer wait times but won't match you with groups if your a solo player I prefer teamshotting to 1-hit stickies, 1-hit shoulder charge, 1-hit special weapons, almost constant supers, 2-hit warlock sniper-melee, etc. It's a difficult balance to strike but I think something is off, cause my dating club durban groups end up fighting mostly solos more often than not.

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