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Dating staffordshire figurines, tips of the trade

I started buying Staffordshire figures when the collecting bug got me after buying three at an auction. Ellen Bright, age 17, mauled to death by a tiger. But there is little hard evidence to connect any of them to particular figure types. But using your own common sense will also get you far.

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Pair of Staffordshire dogs Very good condition no cracks or chips. Please check with your dating staffordshire figurines ceramics experts. Combined fine strokes and daubs in typical old dog, Fig. Casting holes may appear singly or in multiples.

Old dogs also generally show more detail in the overall molding especially in the tails, legs, ears and modelled hair. Look for slight changes in color.

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Most gold trim used on original dogs has a softer appearance than new gold trim. As a region, Staffordshire became the hub for many English porcelain makers and manufactories because of its close proximity to the source of Devonshire clay, a prime ingredient in the formula for most types of English porcelain.

Press molding was used exclusively until late in the Victorian period when slip molding began to take over. Leave a Reply Cancel reply document. Be suspicious of circular worn spots on bases which may indicate this mark has been removed. Daubed paint on new dog, Fig.

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Best of luck in your search! Bull baiting made illegal Porcelaneous figures, with open bases, dating staffordshire figurines now being produced in addition to the earthenware figures with their concave bases.

They echo the enthusiasm and sometimes low taste of ordinary folk. Pieces were intentionally designed to be very shallow from front to back because they were used primarily on fire-place mantles. The crazing in the glaze on this new covered box has been darkened at the factory to suggest age. Back to the top Restoration: Pristine un-restored pieces are extremely rare. The base of this new dog has a single casting hole bigger than a quarter. Ordinary soldiers and sailors; royalty and other celebrities; scenes of smoking and dating staffordshire figurines Reveling, hunting, shooting, sport and archery; animals and rustic scenes And classical figures MAKERS: Although there are always exceptions, this article offers some general guidelines to help separate 20th century copies from pre originals.

Unfortunately we cannot support your browser should you have a technical issue. Religious leaders especially Wesley to revere c.

Antique Staffordshire Figurines

They may appear in the base or other lcoations such as the back see Fig. It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or repairs b You can just ignore this message if your browser meets your needs, but we highly recommend changing to Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

Most figures are not marked. The casting process leaves the figures on the lid hollow, not solid.

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Glaze on many new dogs, however, is intentionally "aged" or "stressed" on normally exposed areas but frequently left unaltered on the under side. All Staffordshire comes from England.