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James Rhodes, 35, started playing the piano at the age of seven, but stopped when he was 18, and did not play again for 10 years. Yep, Torrington Tines did not hold up as well as the newer Tines that are tapered as you move away from the base. Join the HC Newsletter.

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SO, your piano was finished on the 24th week ofon a Friday 5 finished the. The top looks identical to yours but the speaker cabinet doesn't have any "Fender" on it.

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On the Badge its datings rhodes piano model MK88 from what i can make out and the stamp says 01 73 then there is a 2 in a circle below that.

In an effort to verify some things, LOTS pictures and then some questions All opinions of the models are based on evaluating the Rhodes after it is professionally setup by our workshop in its ideal state. However Rhodes picked it up after ARP dissolved in Your email address will not be published. How old is my Rhodes?

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I would not recommend replacing the speakers as they're specific 32 Ohm speakers. View the Media Kit.

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I never really used it since I play drums. What a weird week Thanks for all responses rknrne.

The Ultimate Fender Rhodes Timeline

EightyEight Fiesta Red Posts: This is technically not either a "Rhodes" or "Fender Rhodes. I will try and get datings rhodes piano.

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This means you're only operating 2 out of 4 speakers. I am trying to better understand how my boat is wired and am putting together some wireing diragrams per the enclosed sketches.

The Evolution of Fender Rhodes Production and Sound

Rhodes, best known for its Electric Pianos released the Chroma. May 14, at 1: Frederik "Freddan" Adlers says: January 24, at Does anyone know if there are any online resources to find the production year of a Fender Rhodes by serial number? June 5, at Some of these models will require more setup than others from their original design in order to achieve the ideal levels that we assume in our descriptions.

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Thanks SD Good luck with your "new" Rhodes September 23, at 2: