Dating a merchant mariner 5 Struggles You’ll Only Understand If You’re Dating A Merchant Marine

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Im glad Im not as alone as I thought I was. He was evasive, then I asked why he needed condoms.

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They make good money, but it's not enough. I always trusted him because he said he was faithful and true. I made a Facebook group called merchant marine spouse hope to see you datings a merchant mariner there and can give me advice about this new life style.

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He has limiteded his time with friends to mainly hunting season. What is a credential for. Sometimes meshing the two can be a little tricky.

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Since he was on the boat, I was checking our phone bill because there had been some errors we wanted to verify had been corrected. He comes home and is in vacation mode. Everything goes wron while he is away, whether its our truck, or I fell down my cellar stairs and the doc thought I fractured my elbow its not thank God because I was thinking How will I function? Hi, i just found this group and i felt very good could read what i pass every time Your not the first person to find yourself in the middle of infidelity issues. You are his wife not his mommy.

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Since I couldn't find one, I created one. Though painful and a tough process you will survive this as will your daughter. Membership is just one click away. Many men go to war and are fine coming home to a devoted wife and mother to their children.

Dating A Merchant Mariner

I'm sailor's girlfriend and I'm looking girls or wifes of merchant to talk. It's nice to be able to talk with someone who knows exactly what you're going through. They are health buffs.