C-14 dating walkthrough C-14 dating walkthrough

C-14 dating walkthrough

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If you choose to play without the mini games, you will still be able to pursue a romance! Deandre is taking the class as an elective, but his true passion is sports. Bless the developers for allowing you the option to turn off the mini games.

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However, compared to Winter in Fairbrook, C14 Dating is longer and more involved. Melissa is a cheerful and positive.

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Scenes are triggered by a variety of things, including your choice of activities, your stats, your choices, and even randomly. For example, Kyler is mostly found working in the cave, and Hendrik frequents the lab.

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One of the characters is ace, and the bonus route is a female love interest. C14 Dating includes an original soundtrack composed by Sebastien Skaf.

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It is available for purchase from their website or Steam! Some scenes will have a lot of variations depending on your choices.

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There are four main love interests and one bonus interest. These interactions, especially the initial ones, felt ideal, as if all the characters were completely accepting and already knew all the information, like what a cochlear implant is. The MC goes somewhere new to work, meets a group of interesting people, possibly falls in love, and returns home.

Review: C14 Dating

As she works to unearth prehistoric artifacts, she might just unearth new friendships or romance too. In the planner, you can see which activities correlates to which love interest. She is type 1 dating walkthrough. The art is beautiful, the writing is humorous, and despite my above comments, the fact that there is representation is a great thing! The romance happens mostly toward the end, so the focus of the dating walkthrough is really about forming bonds, whether friendship or romance.

And I do not think any of the characters or their actions are written badly or disrespectfully. I hesitate to compare it to another game, but it reminded me of Winter in Fairbrook not just because of the art. You can also raise stats by completing the mini games.

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The highlight for me though is the original song that plays during the main menu. Each love interest has a romance end and free dating network sites friendship end each with unique CGs.