Born again christian dating a catholic Should Christians Date Catholics ???

Born again christian dating a catholic

“I’m Baptist, He’s Catholic…Should I Take It Further?”

Send us your feedback. The Difference is that they are of the inpugned righteousness and protestants are of imputed righteousness.

Are they both devout? Little did I know that the entire time we were together, he was trying to get me to leave my own faith and start going exclusively to his church. Though I like the idea of religion, I'm not a fan of much of the dogma that can often accompany it, and this thread furthers my opinion on that no offense to anyone, naturally!

What are the attires of a Catholic wedding? The reality is that in order to make this work, someone has to sacrifice their faith for a future spouse.

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We have some minor difficulties, but honestly the hardest part of our marriage isn't the Catholic -vs- Protestant viewpoints, its the fact that she prefers Coke and I prefer Pepsi. Only God truly knows the hearts of every Christian, and we should be careful with the way we judge others. Christian Young Adults Forum Young adults and born again christian dating a catholic people: A Christian is a Christian is a Christian But to ask if a Christian should marry a Catholic is like asking. October 30th, Would it be wrong if I told him I like him? Stay put, sweet Lady and sleep with a clear conscience.

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Should a Christian marry a devil worshiper? Posted by sunshine on April 25, at September 21st, Business Tech Sports Entertainment. Eagles vs Del Rio If you guys are open minded and willing to ask questions about what you believe, then I think it can work. By Scotth in forum Bible Discussion Forum. Just wanted to share that with you.

Holly, When you read Romans did you skip over chapter 6 where your baptized into his death?? I am a Christian soldier Marcia.

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This really helps me see a future together, especially with the questions of temple marriage, his mission, and all that jazz. How could this have come from the Bible?

When we align ourselves with any particular camp we are no longer teachable.

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Joseph Kony PhD Since: Jesus Christ will come and judge the hearts of men, so lets all ar-ar dating on our hearts. There is no preeminent denomination neither here nor will there be in heaven. So Catholic's are not Christian anymore?

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I believe in the Gospel. I suggest being friends for now, and see how that goes. Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is a Christian.